• Marketing research

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  • Sales

  • Sales strategy planning


By heeding the behavior and wishes of consumers, Marketing Research within a company leads to better business decisions. However, Marketing Research only becomes invaluable when the learnings from all research studies are interpreted and synthesized into consumer insights. Milestones is pleasured to support your business success by delivering 2 courses related to Marketing research.

  • Applied marketing research

  • Practical consumer research

By detailed analysis, interpretation and hypothesis of all information resources, you will be able to get into the mind-set of the brand's consumer and truly understand the reasons why your brand is bought rather than others. By understanding the consumer psyche, you will gain true competitive advantage.


Starting your own business instead of being an employee is a turning point in your life. It is now not your brief foray into one field, but you have to stretch yourself to many complicated aspects of one business. With Milestones, you are promised to be equipped with the most updated and practical knowledge into:

  • Principle of marketing

  • Service marketing

  • Advertising

  • Brand Management

  • Leadership


Sales is a grim business. Given the growing complexity in business environment, it’s time for you to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales team. At Milestones we offer:

  • Sales management

  • Sales supervisor

  • Distribution management

  • Channel development